The activities will be performed in 4 subtasks:

Subtask A: Boundary Conditions, KPIs, Definitions and Dissemination

A1: Define performance assessment methodology for SEBs including KPIs
A2: Assessment of SEBĀ“s
A3: Organize Industry Workshops
A4: Preparation of guidelines for policy makers, municipalities, and energy related companies

Subtask B: New and existing single buildings

B1: Demonstration cases
B2: Planning and implementation methodology
B3: Modelling, simulation and optimization tools

Subtask C: New and existing building blocks / communities

C1: Demonstration cases
C2: Planning and implementation methodology
C3: Modelling, simulation and optimization tools

Subtask D: Current and future technologies and components

D1: Documentation and analysis of current and future technologies
D2: Classification and techno-economic technology assessment
D3: Development SEB solution sets and guidelines